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Things To Do

Mumbles " The Gateway to Gower"  is situated to the west of the  5 mile sweep of Swansea Bay. The city of Swansea is modern and vibrant and along with its marina contains many attractions - for futher information visit http://www.visitswanseabay.com/ 

The Village of Mumbles itself sitting on the shore of Swansea bay and landmarked by Mumbles Lighthouse & Peir has everthing tourists could wish for - For futher information go to http://www.mumbles.co.uk/

Some of our personal favorite areas include

Langland Bay http://enjoygower.com/beaches/beaches05.cfm

Caswell Bay http://www.enjoygower.com/beaches/beaches06.cfm

Three Cliffs http://www.enjoygower.com/beaches/beaches10.cfm


Mumbles Rangers Boys Club http://www.mumblesrangers.co.uk/

Mumbles Rugby Club http://www.mumblesrfc.co.uk/

Mumbles Cricket Club http://www.mumblescricket.com/

Swansea City Football Club http://www.swanseacity.net/page/Welcome

Ospreys Rugby http://ospreysrugby.com/

Langland Bay Golf Club http://langlandbaygolfclub.com/

Pennard Golf Club http://www.pennardgolfclub.com/index2.asp

Clyne Golf Club http://clynegolfclub.com/


The Mumbles has many restaurants,coffee shops,cafe and Pubs some of our personal favorites are

CJ's http://www.cjs-mumbles.co.uk/

Castellamare  http://www.castellamare.co.uk/

PA's http://www.paswinebar.co.uk/

Surfside Cafe Langland ( a must do for morning coffee)

 Langland Brasserie http://www.langlandsbrasserie.co.uk/


Mumbles Pubs http://www.mumbles.co.uk/Nightlife/

Enjoy Your Stay

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